Mission Statement


To meet the objectives of the Charity, the Trustees will:

  1. Provide limited welfare support to the Goan community living in the UK and to continually review our approach so that we are able to meet future challenges in order to become more effective in delivering high quality service.
  2. Support families requiring assistance with health and social needs to maintain their quality of life. When necessary, link with other organisations or individuals in order to improve outcomes.
  3. Advise on employment issues and liaise with employers or other appropriate services and provide families with financial support to avoid hardship and homelessness.
  4. Assist bereaved families with funeral arrangements of their loved ones and where necessary to assist with the repatriation of deceased Goans to their families in Goa. Liaising with Funeral Directors and Churches to ensure that all funeral arrangements progress smoothly and arrange Bereavement Counselling, if necessary.
  5. Safeguard vulnerable adults and children by linking up with local Social Services and seek advice from appropriate organisations like Age UK.