Quarterly report March 2021

1 April 2021

At the last AGM held on 6 December 2020, members commented that they would like to be kept informed from time to time because the Annual Meeting only occurs once a year and gives a report covering the previous financial year.

It was agreed that the Trustees would produce a quarterly report and this is the first issue, which covers the period ended 31 March 2021. The New Year began as the last one ended in terms of the pandemic, which had a tragic impact on the Goan community.

Since April 2020, the number of deaths in the West London area, of which we are aware is sixty-five, most of which were due to Covid-19. We provided many of the bereaved families with advisory support relating to the registration process and funeral arrangements. In a few cases, we were able to help with the financial burden of the funerals, as the cost of burials or cremations in the UK, is very high. Unfortunately, repatriation was not possible for those who have died of Covid-19. In any case, with the suspension of international flights for a large part of 2020, repatriations were not practical and relatives agreed cremations so that the ashes could be interred in Goa. Fortunately, a limited number of flights to Goa / India resumed and relatives were able to repatriate the remains of their loved ones, where the death was due to natural causes.

The Trustees were also able to arrange our annual monetary grant of £100.00 to Kenneth De Souza, the paralysed boy whom we uplifted to Merces, Goa, in December 2015. We are delighted with the offer from Ron Coelho, one of our members, who kindly agreed to supplement this annual contribution from his own personal resources.

We continue to provide considerable financial support to members of the community, who have lost their jobs, for their rent and other essentials. In addition, we provided £160.00 of items to the “Food Bank” at St Anselm’s Church.

Our financial position continues to be robust with a strong balance sheet. During the period under review, we have received £1,768.26 in donations for which we are most grateful but we would like more members joining the “Planned Giving” Scheme.

With kind regards and many thanks to all our members for their continued interest.

Chair of Trustees

Patron: Dr Stella Mascarenhas-Keyes, BSc., MA., Phd.

Registered address: GOAN WELFARE SOCIETY UK, “The Firs”, 17 Firs Drive, Cranford, Middlesex, TW5 9TA